Friday, July 15, 2011

Count Down To Minifigures (Series 5)

Series Five Minifigures are almost here. That's right there has already been four series released by Lego. In case you've missed any of the 64 minifigs from Lego Minifigure series gone by, let us take a some what nostalgic look back at them.

Who would have thought that back in 2010 when Lego announced that they were going to release collectible minifigures they would have been such a run away success? But they were. According to Game Informer magazine the official release date of Series 5 is July 20, 2011. Ho will we pass the time until then? Lets try with these:
The first Lego Minifigure Series 1 had sixteen little gems that caught us by surprise.

  • A Scuba Diver complete with helmet, flippers and air tank.
  • The Zombiehas a shovel (What did he dig himself out?)
  • The Nursecame with a syringe and clipboard, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think those were newly molded pieces just for this series.
  • Then there was the Cowboy , plain awesomeness if you ask me.
  • A Skater with skateboard
  • The Robot is by far my favorite. From his robotic right arm to his robot helmet, he is the perfect campy 1950's robot.
  • Forestman (uh.. robin hood?) came with a green hat and bow and quiver.
  • Dat-da-da-dah: Super Wrestler.
  • The Top Hat came with a Magician.
  • A Ninja to fight all your pirates.
  • A Tribal Hunter would soon have more friends to join him.
  • At last! a Crash Test Dummy to put in our Lego cars when we roll them down the stairs.
  • A Spaceman with laser gun (to battle the robots he met on the moon).
  • Are you scared of Clowns?
  • The Caveman made me want more dinosaur Legos
  • Finally, the Cheerleader also had newly molded pieces, her two pom-poms.
We also saw Lego Minifigure Series 2 in 2010.

  • A Roman Warrior delighted us... except they were very hard to find, and we were all trying to build our own Roman Legion.
  • A Lifeguard with slow motion run capability.
  • A green maid with broom for cleaning (Witch).
  • The Pop Star came with an awesome microphone.
  • Come Cornelius let us go lift our over-sized triangular weights with the Weight Lifter (with non-triangular dumbbell).
  • A million billion Ringmasters were made just to make us angry that we didn't have more Roman guys.
  • The Jungle Explorer was pretty cool.
  • And the Oscar goes to.... Karate Master!
  • A fairly ripped Surfer.
  • "The Pharaoh needs Water!"
  • A classic Vampire to spite all the new wave vampires out there.
  • The Highway Patrol Cop is just itching to wright you a ticket.
  • A serial killer Mime with three severed heads.
  • A Skier with, get this, two skis and two poles
  • "Disco Dude don't advertise."
  • Two Maracas, a poncho and Sombrero plus a sweet mustache... Taco John is ready to Party!

Lego Minifigure Series 3 was the first of 2011.

  • The Tennis Player came with a new racket.
  • The Space Alien came with a old head.
  • The Pilot can fly any thing with four wings.
  • The Snowboarder will harass the skier.
  • The Samurai Warrior with a rockin' shirt.
  • The Rapper with gold cap! and gold microphone! and gold-rimmed boom box! and gold chain!
  • Brick Ape Suit Guy was nice of them.
  • A Tribal Chief is ready to welcome back the hunter.
  • Sadly the Race Car Driver was kind of dull.
  • Any thing but dull, the Hula Dancer will spice up your Lego party.
  • I love you too Mummy.
  • The deadliest catch is the Fisherman.
  • The Elf has nifty little elf ears molded into his hair.
  • the Sumo Wrestler beet hula girl in the skimpiest Lego outfit competition winning the Lego trophy.
  • The Space Villain is here to give the robot some back up.
  • A Baseball Player ... sorry I got nothing to say about him.

Now we come to the fourth series. Let's have a look.

  • The Artist came with a new paint palette and paintbrush.
  • The Mad Scientist had some wicked-sweet hair and an amazing flask.
  • I got a bunch of Hazmat Guys so i could make some de-contamination scene.
  • The Hockey Player didn't excite me much but I know a few people who went wild over these guys.
  • The Ice Skater has some crazy face paint.
  • The Kimono Girl has a lot of detailed printing
  • David the Gnome.
  • Frankenstein's Monster has a clever head piece.
  • Who could be satisfied with just one Musketeer? The introduction of rapier and hat was a pleasant surprise.
  • The Punk Rocker has a Mohawk! He has a guitar! He has Attitude.
  • Is the Sailor winking at the kimono girl?
  • The new Skater is ready to join his friend from series one.
  • Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!(Soccer Player)
  • The Surfer Girl will be nice company for the surfer dude.
  • I love the Viking.
  • The Werewolf makes use of the elf hair from the last series.
And, that wraps it up for now. Over the next few days we will look at the up coming Lego Series 5 Minifigures. So, Stay tuned.
What is you favorite minifigure and why? Are you as excited about series 5 as you were for the other ones? Leave your comments below.

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  1. It's hard to pick just one... I like the skier and the snowboarder. I think they'd look cool together!


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