Thursday, July 21, 2011

LEGO Super Hero Minifigures

It is Comic-Con time. And what better time then this for Lego to show off its new Super Hero minifigures. We've already seen Bat Man and Robin and Cat Woman and The Incredible Hulk... WHAT?!?
That's right Hulk. Yes, LEGO has announced that they will be releasing both DC and Marvel Heroes. It would seem that these sets will begin to be available next year. But you can check out Lego's Super Hero web site right now, where you will find a design contest and limited product pics. But if you realy want to see them up close and like most of us, will not be at Comic-Con, your best bet are Flickr pics from someone who is there. And here are some first glimpses of these sets now.
P1270619 P1270659
We have got to thank Model Gal for her pics. Thank you.
I never thought we would see Marvel Legos, but it actually makes sense since Lego seems to be very friendly with Disney, and Disney not too long ago aquired rights to Marvel. What eles lies in store? We will have to wait and see. What do You think of these first few releases? Who do you want to see as a minifigure? Let us know below.

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