Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Talk Greebling

Lighting by Tommy
What is Greebling? I'm glad you asked. Put simply, it is detail. But more specifically, it is the use of textures and shapes on a surface for no other reason that to break up the surface area and give a sense of complexity. Let's look at some examples and see if we can use the concepts in our own models.
There are a number of different elements that make the above composition a truly amazing piece. But, for now lets focus on the Greeble. (If you have never heard that term before, you can read more about it here.) Below is the same model with out the extra elements. Corridor Three (point one)
What do you like about this corridor? First, look at he doors. These could have been smooth with a straight seam in the middle. The use of grill bricks adds texture. Aren't the cheese-wedge slopes a nice touch for the seal of the door? The walls have a lot of interesting parts. Groove 1x4 bricks, grill tiles, regular tiles, binoculars, clip plates, ladders, head lights and so many others. Look at these next examples. What do you like about them?
New Scenery
Mess Room
New wall
There are regular patterns of randomness in these examples. So far all the models we have looked at are by the same guy, legoloverman. But look at this one, and notice a different approach to the method of greebling.

This model by Nannan Z. has a much more random greeble on its surface.This gives a very different feel to the surface. Where as legoloverman's scenes all had a sci fi theme well conveyed by his greebling, Nannan Z. gives this sci fi piece  a creepy, almost organic feeling. Take a look at the whole thing.
Which style do you like the best? What is it about the two styles that makes them different? What elements are you going to try and incorporate in your future builds? Have you seen other good examples of greebling that you want to share?


  1. This looks absolutely amazing. I didn't know you could go for so much detail. I used to play with this when I was a kid, but I never went for models like this!

  2. Looks great! Followed!


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