Monday, October 31, 2011

Spaceport Figbarf

I cant get enough custom minifigures. Here is a couple of great combos. I especially love the orange hair on the green heads.
Spaceport Figbarf

Great Job Jargoŋ! We all look forward to what you'll bring us next!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Didn't Know You Liked Us That Much

It is true BrickApe is great but there is no need to go that far... But seriously, this is a excellent display of Lego building skill.
In The Temple of the Monkey God

Another great MOC by 2 Much Caffeine, this guy has got, pardon my colloquialism, mad Lego skillz. Yes, that is a 'z'. That is in fact how good he is, 'skillz' good. Check all his mind-blowing Lego Moc creations on his fickr page. "All hail the Monkey God Rod." Check out the sweet details: feet, hands, and belly button!

Pirates of The Caribbean: Amazing MOC

By now you may have seen this stunning Pirates of The Caribian themed MOC. I love the way the water is done here.Tia Dalma's Shack
Check out some more pics of this beauty.

Three Musketeers

Seth Cristie has got a knack for setting up a scene. The longer you look at this Lego MOC the more you notice.
Three Musketeers
What an eye for detail. All the little nuances of this scene really bring it to life. Did you notice the red runner going down the stairs? Check out the rest of his Lego shots here.